Warcraft: A New Dawn Dev Preview

By admin On January 21, 2013 Under horde


This is the FIRST dev preview of our upcoming Mod for Starcraft 2: Warcraft: A New Dawn. In this short demo, you can get a feel for the units, and game style. Please note that much of this mod is incomplete, and when we are done, we hope that people will forget they are playing in Sc2 altogether! If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to our facebook page. Facebook: www.facebook.com/warcraftanewdawn?fref=ts Website: www.WarcraftaNewDawn.com Disclaimer: This mod and the assets contained within are the property of several people including, but not limited to, the Warcraft: A New Dawn team, members of the Hive Community(www.hiveworkshop.com) and members of the Sc2Mapster community(Sc2Mapster.com). More importantly, this game is by no way directly affiliated with Blizzard or their Warcraft Franchise. This fan-made mod is made using World of Warcraft models and the Starcraft 2 engine, both the property of Blizzard Entertainment.

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