‘World of Warcraft’ Movie Lands Director

By admin On February 14, 2013 Under horde


bit.ly – Click to Subscribe! Facebook.com – Become a Fan! Twitter.com – Follow Us! The World of Warcraft movie finds its director. Legendary Pictures is moving forward with its adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s uber popular massively multiplayer video game, entitled “Warcraft” for now, and they’ve decided Duncan Jones is the man to make it all happen. WoW currently has around 10 million subscribers in it’s online role playing universe…and features everything from orcs to aliens…so is Jones up for the task of adapting one of the biggest video games of all time? Well let’s take a look at his track record. Jones, who also happens to be the son of David Bowie, previously directed Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code. Before that he also wrote and directed Moon, the highly regarded, low budget science fiction thriller that starred Sam Rockwell. A Warcraft movie will be Duncan Jones’ first whack at large-scale fantasy. Moon only cost about 1 million to make, Source Code about 35 million and now Legendary is entrusting him with upwards of 100 million dollars to adapt WoW. Jones, who is a proud gamer himself, could begin production on Warcraft as early as fall of this year, ahead of a 2015 release. Now take this one with a grain of salt, but Warner Brothers…who’s producing and financing the film alongside legendary, apparently wants Johnny Depp for the lead. At this point it’s just very shaky internet speculation, but can you picture Johnny Depp on the poster for a Warcraft

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